Thursday, March 18, 2010

GU for you!

GU Energy Labs will be providing packets of portable energy for racers in the Gleneagles Challenge! Be sure to visit their website and check out their line of nutrition products for athletes.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Coursework Done - Bring on the Vet

Yes, the 1st and 2nd runnings of the Gleneagles Challenge did start and finish from my garage in the Gleneagles Subdivision of Cary, NC. Last year I expanded it to a Bond Park pavilion and this year graduated to the big leagues with the Gleneagles Challenge 2010 being a Bushwhack Adventures production and part of the Checkpoint Tracker Series. For locals who have done a GEC in the past, you'll still find some things you've seen in the past (climbing up trees and going into tunnels).

Marcey and I recently completed the initial coursework and Pat and Don will vet the course soon. The course will almost be completely Rogaine allowing many options for fun, fast single track mountain biking, paddling in the clear blue waters of Harris Lake with a Nuclear Plant looking down at you, and trekking through some dense pine groves. The GEC 2010 will be a great race for beginners and will challenge experienced racers to clear the course.

And since copyright laws proclude us from using the old GEC logo, I "borrowed" from the 5-Star Gleneagles Luxury Hotel and Country Club in Scotland, we are introducing the new GEC logo for 2010. Register soon and we will see you at Harris Lake.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Registration for GEC10 Underway!

At the end of the first 24 hours of open registration, it's obvious that teams were ready and waiting! Twelve teams have paid in full, and one more has contacted me about sending in a check.

We have 8 of the 20 rent-free canoes from Frog Hollow Outdoors spoken for, so there's still a chance to get your team on the list. Don't forget that your Team needs to be paid in full, as well as having your Squad profile in "Complete" status on the Checkpoint Tracker website.

It was interesting to note that the first several teams to be fully registered were Female teams. In fact, the Female teams are almost 100% fully registered, compared to 25% of the Coed teams and less than 20% of the Male teams. I guess we know which Division is better with taking care of the administrative challenges!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Registration for Gleneagles Challenge opens March 14th!

Register your team now! Bushwhack Adventures and Frog Hollow Outfitters are providing 20 canoes on a first-registered, first-served basis. Once your Squad Profile is complete on Checkpoint Tracker, and your team's registration is fully paid for, you'll get dibs on the 20 rent-free canoes - while they last!

Online registration is being handled through the Checkpoint Tracker website, so get your team signed up there (for free) now!

Race shirt deadline - Team registration must be paid in full by March 24th in order to guarantee race shirts and race pint glasses for team members.

More details can be found on the Registration page.