Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Gleneagles Challenge Evolves!

Welcome to the Gleneagles Challenge website! Those of you local to the Raleigh/Durham chapter of TrailBlazers Adventure Racing Club may be familiar with the Gleneagles name from a few praxis events in the past. In 2010, race director Bob May is teaming up with Bushwhack Adventures to evolve the Gleneagles into a proper sprint adventure race! We'll replace the coziness of starting and finishing in Bob's garage with the great singletrack trails found in Harris Lake County Park. We'll trade the paddleboats on Bond Lake for canoes on Harris Lake.

The 2010 version of the Gleneagles Challenge will be perfect for new adventure racers. The 4 to 6 hour length will be manageable for beginners while still letting them get a good taste of this exciting sport. What could be more fun than riding, paddling, trekking and working together to find your way to the checkpoints with a few friends?

If you haven't already signed up as a Racer on the Checkpoint Tracker website, do it now. Once you and your teammates have completed the free registration, you can create your Team and add the Gleneagles Challenge to your Team Schedule. Registration for this event will be processed through the Checkpoint Tracker website.

Check back soon for more details!!