Monday, April 26, 2010

Gleneagles Challenge Results Are Posted!

Click here to see the results in a Google Spreadsheet.

Congrats to everyone who came out to race - you are all winners!

There were no "no shows" on race day, and no DNF's.
There were no serious injuries, just a few minor scrapes and scratches.
No team was "lost" past the end of the race. I can't vouch for anything that happened during the race.
We hauled a decent pile of "unique trash" out of the park, as well as a stack of the largest pizza boxes I've ever seen.

The 50/50 prizes for the top team in each division will be processed later this week. You'll get an email with your 50% discount serial number and your 50% entry fee refund will be processed through Google Checkout (or by check if that's how you paid).

Thanks again for racing! Hope to see you at the Falls Lake Challenge!


  1. For those of us learning, it would be great to here from the course creators or one of the top teams as to their strategy for the order in which the CPs were visited or should have been visited to be most time efficent.

  2. Anyone else willing to share?

    When Patrick and I went out to vet/check the course, we chose to portage west to the lake first, picking up 17 and 16 on the way, then we paddled down close to 15. From there we ran 15-13-12, then paddled 27-26. We picked up 14 on the way to 25 through 22. We took out SSE of the TA, ran over to get 1, then portaged back to the TA. From there we biked 2 through 11 in order, then 18-21-20-19. I think we tend to prefer traveling counter-clockwise for some reason. Unfortunately, we relocated some of the placements and checked a few from multiple approaches, so our time on the course is irrelevant, but that was the order we attacked it.

  3. Not to place too much importance on the results, but there are some time discrepancies on the Google spreadsheet between "summary" and "overall." The times for Left Brain-Right Brain, Team CD, Sham Wow Too, Lost Boys, Sham Wow, M&M and possibly others don't match in those two categories.

  4. Oops. Sorry about that. Some of the formulas on the "Summary" worksheet were out of whack. They are corrected now.

  5. We opted to run, bike, paddle. Our route (slightly modified in hindsight) 15,13,14,12,1 then bike 2,3,bikewhack to 22,21,20,19,18,11,4,5,10,9,8,6 then paddle 23,24,25,26,27,7 then pickup 16,17 on portage to finish. In reality we picked 17 up first then continued to 15 which wasted maybe 5 min. The thinking behind this route was two fold...first, we felt that as a team our fastest last leg would be paddling so we knew up front we want to run/bike first at an up tempo pace. Second, we felt that trying to get the peninsula points off the paddle would result in more paddling and slightly tougher navigation.

    Brian - Team TBD