Monday, April 12, 2010

ISO Teammates?

Anyone out there still searching for a teammate to race the Gleneagles Challenge with? Post a comment below and let others know you're looking, before it's too late. Registration closes on the 18th!!


  1. Just lost my other post so running short on time & will make this quick. Also choosing anonymous bec don't know which profile to choose but this is LG on Trailblazers. A friend & I would like to take on the Gleneagles Challenge but need someone experienced and patient with us. :) We are totally new to this but willing to jump right in. Let us know asap if you're the one to provide us with this opportunity. Thanks.

  2. ISO teammate for Gleneagles - I'm male half of Coed Team CD - I'm competent in all four disciplines: orienteer/trek/mtb bike/kayak - have a tandem kayak ready to go but partner has physical problems so won't be racing - I'm not fast, just past a beginner, but enjoy the sport tremendously and looking for someone to enjoy this great site/ course !! - Please post up here w contact info or call --> Dave A : 866-266-0061