Sunday, April 4, 2010

Racer Update #1

Hi adventure racers!

We've got a great course designed and we're looking forward to sharing it with you!

Bushwhack Adventures loves to present teams with plenty of navigation options in a race. The navigation component and route strategy is what sets Adventure Racing apart from other sports. This Gleneagles Challenge course is going to be as close to a pure rogaine format as we've been able to achieve so far. When the start whistle blows, you and your team will be standing there with all your adventure racing "toys": bikes, boats, shoes, compass, race map, etc. It will be up to you to decide how and when to use these "toys" to help you get to as may of the checkpoints as you can over the next six hours. We've pared down the restrictions you have to abide by to a bare minimum. The rest will be dictated by geography. 

Some of the checkpoints will be pre-marked on the race map. You will have to plot UTM coordinates for the other checkpoints. If you're not familiar with plotting UTM coordinates, there's a brief tutorial here:   We'll try to put together a tutorial document soon for the way we run Bushwhack events, but the basics are the same. Bushwhack will be giving every racer a UTM plotting tool at check-in, in case you don't have one yet.

The rogaine format and location of this event also means that we can operate with a single, central transition area. You will be able to revisit it as often as you like during the event to refill water supplies, snacks, etc. This TA is also where you'll park, so your vehicle can be your TA setup. There is no water supply there, so please bring all the water you think you might need for drinking, washing off, etc.

There will be a good mix of new and experienced teams racing in the Gleneagles Challenge. Some teams will "clean" the course, finding all of the checkpoints with time to spare. Other teams will use all 6 hours and still not find all of the checkpoints. I encourage all teams to come with the goals of having fun, staying safe, and challenging yourselves against the course. You'll have to go out of your way to NOT have a great time!

Thanks for racing!

Don Childrey

Bushwhack Adventure Racing


  1. Don-

    Will there be camping for the teams on Friday and Saturday night? If so, will we be camping in the staging area near our gear and cars? I assume the staging area will be similar to the one used for the 12 hour race last Fall.

    Mike (Where's My Sherpa)

  2. Sorry, Harris Lake County Park does not have camping facilities and we have not arranged for any camping options for this sprint race. The closest campgrounds appear to be around Jordan Lake, which is just a few miles to the north and west.